Sustainability to be Focus of Fortune 50 Social Media Campaigns in 2011

Over 80% of executives at Fortune 50 companies plan to promote and increase their sustainablity-focused initiatives via Facebook in 2011. This according to a new report titled, “Sustainability 2.0 – Current Trends At The Confluence Of Social Media And CSR, from SLM and Zumer Interactive.” 

This info was revealed last week on, suggesting the green movement hasn’t lost as much steam as some had thought.

The research also found that Twitter is a magnifying glass for promoting corporate sustainability initiatives, and that corporate investment in the platform will double by 2015. In addition, while sustainability-themed blogging is still a minimal part of the overall blogosphere, the report suggest there is untapped opportunity for companies to engage with bloggers to devise mutual solutions around sustainability issues.

If these firms, informed by their gigantic market research departments, are jumping back on the sustainability bandwagon it may be time for small and medium-sized enterprises to rethink their efforts. As the recession took hold, most were worried about merely trying to stay afloat and green initiatives may have fallen by the wayside. Now that there are hints of an economic recovery, these plans can hopefully get back on track.


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