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Mark Cuban Interview on Google+

I came across an article by PC Mag interviewing Tech investor, HDNet chairman, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the newest social network: Google+. He had some interesting commentary on its use of circles to filter your newsfeed.  Contrasting this with the facebook and twitter interfaces which combine all friends, family, business associates, and corporate posts in one continuous stream. The Google+ concept seems like a great user-driven way to cut down on reading unwanted material.

When thinking this through I realized this may be a bad trend in the eyes of businesses that hope to remain relevant by promoting themselves via social networks. As Cuban describes, some circles may be read only intermittently at the users discretion, this could impact the reach businesses may get from their utilization of Google+. On the other hand, users may love it. A positive result would be to force businesses to become more creative in their use of promotions on social media. The healthy competition may deplete poorly run and self-aggrandizing business posts while being a win-win for service-oriented businesses and the customers they serve. We’ll have to see how all of this plays out.

My favorite part of the interview occurs at the end when Cuban goes into why Google+ will not replace Facebook or Twitter. In his opinion it is another extension of the social media pillars:

“Are you enjoying using G+? You appear to be a pretty active user. What do you like (or dislike) about it?¬†

Cuban: I like it. It’s simple. It’s more techie-driven so you don’t ever have to dumb anything down. Early users are very experimental so it’s fun to learn new applications and approaches. But it has not replaced my use of Facebook or Twitter. I think Facebook is kind of like the big birthday party where all friends from all cliques and also work show up [and] don’t really know one another, but are nice to each other. Twitter is a broadcast medium that is the new PR Newswire. You use it less to communicate with friends than to broadcast to the world what is on your mind, knowing that if the tweet has legs it will get picked up for retweeting and for transmogrification to other mediums (I always wanted to use transmogrification in a sentence).

That said, do we really need another social network? 

Cuban: Yep. Competition makes them all better.”

Read the full article at by clicking here.